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Silent Puffs

Part of a complete breakfast!

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A Silent Hill Crack! Role-play
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Welcome to Silent Puffs, the crack roleplay community for Konami's Survival Horror series, Silent Hill! This roleplay is just crack. SO HOW DO YOU JOIN?

1. The characters are still the characters. Play them as they are, but to an extreme. They can be out of character to an extent, but not un-recognizable.
2. Please, be courteous to your fellow RPers. Pyramid Head shanks rude roleplayers.
3. Do whatever, say whatever, be whatever. This is a CRACK roleplay, after all. ;3
4. If you want to watch the community on your personal journal, feel free to do so. However, only your character's username can be a member.

Alright, how do I get in?
Simple. It should look something like this.

Post this information under an lj-cut, and a moderator will comment whether you have made it in or not.

Character(s) applying for:
Username you'd like to use:
Sample post: Make sure you tell us how you're going to play the character!

And anything else you feel you need to add~

It's just as easy as that. We'll take any characters, just make it a viable application. You want to play James' toilet? Sure! Play Walter's doll? Most definitely! You can even play Mira if you'd like to. Entertain us. We're not too picky.

Can I apply for more than one character?
Yes! Though we'll put a cap on 3 characters.

Taken characters
If you do not see your character's name on here, please send an e-mail to yukizilla

Silent Hill
Harry Mason: notadoghouse, played by alba_aulbath

Silent Hill 2
James Sunderland: wife_plz, played by joltacat.
Pyramid Head: hugztiemnao, played by karijou
Mary Sunderland: pwnd_by_pillow, played by no_not_rly.

Silent Hill 3
Heather Morris: toohot4god, played by yukizilla.

Silent Hill 4
Henry Townshend: whutthehell, played by sachibelle.
Walter Sullivan: spoonshank, played by joltacat.

Silent Hill: Film
None Taken!

Silent Hill: Origins
None Taken!